Salzburg, Argekultur
15/09/94 Soundboard.

Jack Carneal (drums)
Aram Stith (solo guitar)
Jason Stith (bass)

unknown rip specs>data disc trade>traders little helper

01. the cellar song
02. i am a cinematographer
03. no more workhorse blues
04. o lord are you in need
05. stable will
06. meaulnes
07. o how i enjoy the light
08. agnes, queen of sorrow
09. all is grace
10. whither thou goest
11. come in
12. drinking woman
13. you will miss me when i burn
14. pushkin
15. west palm beach
16. merida
17. idle hands are the devil's playthings

fantastic quality soundboard of early palace bros
last song "ohio river boat song" is missing....

I can't recall if this was ever upped here before