The Paladins
Amstelveen, Netherlands

10th April 2015

CA14-> CA9100->Sony PCM-M10 [24bit/48kHz]

A Dutchbird production (recording, transferring and editing)
Edited with Soundforge 9.0
Recorded at 3 meters distance from the left speaker stacks.

I've seen Dave Gonzales as a member of the Hacienda Brothers and the Stone River Boys, but never
with The Paladins.
That the venue is only 5 minutes on bike and that we had free tickets made the decision to go very easy.

The venue was full with die-hard fans who have seen them often and were loudly singing along.
I moved away from the heavy talkers to a place very near the speaker stacks where the music was loud
enough not to be bothered by them.

I noticed Ian Siegal was in the audience and hoped Dave would call him on stage, but that
didn't happen. However he did call a few friends on stage for the encores.

Almost 2 hours of roots rock/rockabilly heaven.


Dave Gonzales - Guitar, Vocals
Thomas Yearsley - Upright bass, Vocals
Brian Fahey - Drums

Setlist [01:56:43]
1. Powershake
2. It's Too Late Baby (Gonna Have To Let You Go)
3. Banter
4. Take Your Hands Outta My Pocket
5. Kiddio
6. Look What You're Doing To Me *
7. You're The One That Done it
8. Looking For A Girl Like You
9. Tore Up From The Floor Up
10. Keep On Lovin' Me Baby
11. Banter
12. Good Lovin' *
13. Banter
14. Going Down To Big Mary's
15. Get On The Right Track Baby *
16. Come On Home *
17. Lets Buzz
18. 15 Days (Under The Hood)
19. Crowd/introducing Candye Kane & Laura Chavez
20. Let's Get High [Candye vocals/Laura lead guitar]
21. Introducing Anita of the Hillbilly Boogiemen/banter
22. Mercy w/Angela vocals and Dusty Ciggaar guitar

* Thomas Yearsley vocals