Tav Falco's Panther Burns
Jc Dobbs, Philadelphia, Pa, Usa
September 27, 1987
Audience Recording By The Punk Rock Cop

With Big Thanks To Realomind (Again) And The Punk Rock Cop. I Was Given The Impression That This Lively Set Was A Crude And Lo-Fi Recording - Not So! It May Not Be Crystal Clear Hi-Fi But It Is Just As Good As Many Other Recordings Deemed Acceptable, And It Is A Great Evenings Entertainment Consisting Of Two Dynamic Sets. Thanks And Praises To Those Who Provide.

Unknown Rudimentary Recorder>1St Gen Cassette>Audacity [Normalization/Track Splitting]>Tlh>Flac

02.Arkansas stomp flac
03 She's the one that's got it.flac
04 Throw your mask away .flac
05 Blind man .flac
06 She's the one to blame.flac
07 Shade tree mechanic.flac
08 Mona lisa .flac
09 She's my witch.flac
10 Cuban rebel gurl.flac
11 The same old thing.flac

Second set -
12 running wild.flac
13 It's all your fault.flac
14 Two little puppies.flac
15 White silver sands.flac
16 Red headed woman .flac
17 Tina the go go queen.flac
18 Jungle rock .flac
19 Brazil.flac
20 Bad motorcycle.flac
21 money talks.flac
22 Snatch it back.flac

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