Paolo di Sabatino Quartet @ Invito Personale

recorded at RAI studios in Saxa Rubra, largo Villy de Luca, Roma (ITALY), 2013

Paolo di Sabatino: piano
Umberto Fiorentino: guitar
Glauco di Sabatino: drums
bass either by Daniele Mencarelli OR maybe Luca Bulgarelli

this session introduces the new Di Sabatino's album Distant Look (featuring Abercrombie on gtr) and was FM radio broadcast by "Invito Personale", Radio 1 RAI [first channell of Italian national radio], on friday 20 December 2013, 21:12 hours [CET] - but we are not told a precise recording date (the announcer just saiys "some weeks ago"), also searching the web for news does not appear very helpful, somehow I think this could have been recorded on the 27 Novemeber 2013 as the set by Bosso that followed this broadcast. The interview (in ITALIAN only) was instead recorded in the same afternoon and then broadcast by night.

tracklist > running time 35'10"
1 - interview I [1.54]
2 - interview II [2.23]
3 - the Country Lane [4.47]
4 - Distant Look [5.49]
5 - Suite [8.34]
6 - On The Stairs [5.53]
7 - Waiting for a Snowy Night [5.50]

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