Papa Grows Funk
Monday, May 6, 2013
Maple Leaf, New Orleans

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Recorded by Royboy
Transferred on September 16, 2013
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Set 1:
s1t01 - Unknown Song 01
s1t02 - Unknown Song 02
s1t03 - Unknown Song 03
s1t04 - Unknown Song 04
s1t05 - Unknown Song 05
s1t06 - Unknown Song 06
s1t07 - Unknown Song 07 +
s1t08 - Unknown Song 08
s1t09 - Unknown Song 09
s1t10 - Unknown Song 10
s1t11 - Band Intros

Set 2:
s2t01 - tuning
s2t02 - Unknown Song 11
s2t03 - Unknown Song 12 *
s2t04 - Unknown Song 13
s2t05 - It Ain't No Use ->
s2t06 - Unknown Song 14
s2t07 - Unknown Song 15
s2t08 - Unknown Song 16 ^
s2t09 - Unknown Song 17
s2t10 - Unknown Song 18
s2t11 - Walking To New Orleans
s2t12 - Band Intros
s2t13 - encore break
s2t14 - Unknown Song 19
s2t15 - chatter

+ with Russell Batiste - drums
* with Brian Stoltz - guitar
^ with Brian Cedar (sp?) - guitar

Other Guests:
with Andrew (The Revivalists) - drums
with Greg Hicks (Bonerama) - trombone

-John Gros � Hammond B3 organ, lead vocals
-June Yamagishi- Guitar, backing vocals
-Marc Pero � Bass
-Jason Mingledorff � Saxophones, backing vocals
-Jeffery �Jellybean� Alexander � Drums, backing vocals

John "Papa" Gros has been leading an incredibly talented ensemble of musicians at The Maple Leaf every Monday
night for the past 13 years. Sadly, this past Monday marked the end of their residency, and next month at
Tipitina's they will be going on an indefinite hiatus (although Papa Gros refuses to say they are breaking up).

This really is too bad, since these guys are true torchbearers of New Orleans funk in the 21st century and
play with the ease that can only be earned through time. All five members are incredible, and they were joined
by some special guests, such as original drummer Russell Batiste, Jr, to lay waste to the Maple Leaf stage one last time.

Guitarist June Yamigishi is the secret weapon in their arsenal, unleashing a plethora of Hendrix-esque solos
that put him on par with any of the more famous guitarists on the modern jam band circuit. Wherever these guys
land, you can be sure they will continue to bring the hard funk they have honed for the past 13 years with their Papa.

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