Papa Mali
With guests Theresa Andersson, Big Sam Williams, Cyril Neville and Gaynelle Neville
Cafˇ Brasil
New Orleans, La.
May 3, 2007

1 Keep Happy 8:50
2 Fire Water 8:04
3 Ain't No Sunshine 9:17
4 Fortune Teller 10:57
5 Redemption 6:52
6 (instrumental) 9:31
7 Do Your Thing 12:08
8 Early in the Morning 10:35

source/transfer: WWOZ-FM > Onkyo TX-SV535 receiver > Audiomedia III soundcard (44.1kHz) > Macintosh G3/300 > Bias Peak 2.62 (split-stereo audio files) > firewire hard drive > Macintosh MacBook G5/1000 > Logic 7.x (this set edited out of larger recording, bounced to two-track stereo) > Bias Peak 4.14 (see below, split into individual song files at sector boundaries) > X Audio Compression Toolkit 1.59 > flac

Notes: This is the complete broadcast. The radio station's intro and outtro to the live broadcast are also archived, in the "extra" directory.

During the broadcast, the levels dropped by 5 db abruptly (in the right channel only) at 13:02 into the recording, or 3:55 into track 2.

To fix the levels, the first 13:02 was reduced 2.7 db, and remainder raised 2.3 db - right channel only.

There are station IDs at the beginning of Track 3 and 5 and probably elsewhere.

Sounds like some digital audio compression, but this recording was captured live from the FM broadcast.

Papa Mali, guitar
Eddie Roberts, guitar
Rod Kidd, drums
Gino Rondi, bass