Papa Mali and Seven Walkers
Saxon Pub Austin TX
October 11th, 2009
Save KUT Benefit

I ended up running an audience tape for this due to the extremely quick set changes between bands and the fact that the house sound man was pretty busy with that. I made some slight edits to remove a section where I plugged in my pre amp after Do Your Thing, and I edited out a couple of rumbles where the mics were moved. Therefore, the lineage for the intro and first song only is mics straight into deck with phantom power.

In general the recording came out excellent but there is a little audience/waitress noise at times.

Matt Hubbard told me after the show that the band name Seven Walkers is also the name of a tune the whole band co wrote with Robert Hunter. New Orleans Crawl is the only new Hunter/Papa Mali song played at this show but the band has been in the studio since ACL recording those tunes.

Lineage:Church Audio Cards-> CA-9100 pre amp -> Microtrak 24/48 ->R8brain->CD Wave->TLH

Papa Mali - guitar and vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Reed Mathis - bass
Matt Hubbard - keys

Do Your Thing
Death Don't Have No Mercy
New Orleans Crawl
Wharf Rat
Mr. Charlie