Artist : Papa Roach
Date: 2009-02-20
Venue: Wolstein Center
City: Cleveland OH
Title: Night in the Pit
Source: audience
Taper: TAY666
Equipment: RCA digital voice recorder - Sony ECM-DS70P mic
Mastering: Cool Edit Pro 2.0 -> mono WAV converted to stereo WAV -> FLAC

Notes: Show line-up Avenged Sevenfold / Buckcherry / Papa Roach / Saving Abel
Recorded from the floor. About 25 feet back.
Sound is ok, not great. Better than anything I have recorded before. But it does suffer from some clipping
and the mics got bumped a few times in the crowd. But the biggest issue is that the base just kind of
overwhelmed everything at times.

Duration 44.56


01. Intro
02. Between Angels and Insects
03. …To Be Loved
04. Getting Away With Murder
05. Lifeline
06. Forever
07. Hollywood Whore
08. Scars
09. Dead Cell
10. Last Resort