Friday, September 22, 2017
Resonance Music Festival
Legend Valley
Thornville, OH

**A 'Beats By Bean' & 'Team Pittsburgh' Recording!**

Schoeps MK4 ->
Schoeps KCY 250/05 Ig ->
Naiant PFA [+60v/Low Noise] ->
DarkTrain Right Angle Stubby XLRs ->
Sound Devices MixPre6 @24/44.1 [Mic In+Phantom@48v/128gb SanDisk Extreme Pro]

Mic & Location Info:
DIN/Left Side Of SBD/10' High/Rycote INV-HG mkiii Shock/Movo WST50 Screens

SD Wave Agent Classic[Poly>Mono WAVs] > WaveLab v6.11[Fades/Gain/iZotope MBIT+ Dither] >
[WAV@16/44.1] > CD Wave v1.98[Tracking/Cue Sheets] > CKRename v1.08[Name Files] >
Traders Little Helper v2.7.0[FLAC/Level 8/Fix SBE's/Verify/FFP/MD5/ST5] > [FLACs@16/44.1] >
MP3Tag v2.84a[Tag FLACs] > .FLAC16 Folder

Recorded/Mastered/Uploaded by Bean []

01. Set Intro
02. The Bionic Man Meets His Past
03. Method Of Control
04. The Plug
05. Vactrollio
06. Snorkle