Papermill Creek Rounders
Sweetwater Saloon
Mill Valley, CA USA

MG M300s onstage aprox 90degrees/5' hi > Denecke PS-2 > Zefiro Inbox > Tascam DA-20mkII
transfer: Tascam DA-20mkII > LynxONE > Samplitude 6.0 > SoundForge 4.5 > CDWAv > .flac

recording etc by Richard Selleseth

for more info on the Rounders, please check out:

thanks to Dan Ward for help with the setlist

Disc 1
t01 introduction, announcements etc.
t02 ? (instrumental)
t03 song intro
t04 You're No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine
t05 Dave, Banana etc.
t06 You Love Me Just A Little At A Time
t07 Banana
t08 You Know I Love You And I Always Will, I Know You're Married But I Love You Still
t09 song intro
t10 Drifting With The Tide
t11 song intro
t12 Love Call Waltz
t13 Banana & Dave etc.
t14 Poor Old Dirt Farmer
t15 "c'mon Paul...", comedy etc.
t16 Are You Waiting Just For Me My Darlin'
t17 song intro etc.
t18 Monroe instrumental?
t19 band intros, comedy etc.
t20 I Guess I'll Keep On Dreamin'
t21 stage banter
t22 Girl At The Crossroads Bar
t23 song intro etc.
t24 Another Day
t25 MC etc.

Disc 2
t01 announcements etc.
t02 Diamond Joe
t03 song intro etc
t04 Voice On The Wind
t05 song intro, comedy etc.
t06 I'd Rather Die Young & Be Forgotten Than Live To Be Old Lovin' You
t07 song intro etc.
t08 Little Rabbit Where's Your Mammy
t09 song intro etc.
t10 Sometime Tonight I'll Feel Lonesome
t11 thanks, song intro etc.
t12 Stone Must Be The Wall Built Around Your Heart
t13 comedy, song intro etc.
t14 The Sweetest Love
t15 song intro etc.
t16 Maybe You Will Change Your Mind
t17 song intro
t18 The Cuckoo
t19 "I guess we'll wrap it up...", song intro etc.
t20 Farewell blues
t21 MC, crowd etc. etc. etc.
t22 E: Wicked Path Of Sin
t23 MC etc.