Papermill Creek Rounders
The Metro
Oakland, CA USA

Banana, David Nelson, Paul Shelasky, Ed Neff, Paul Knight & special guest David Thom

quoted from :

"On Saturday April 10th the Rounders will appear at The Metro in Oakland. With special guest
David Thom. We'll have Ed and Paul play some double fiddles on a few tunes with David Thom
on mandolin. And when Ed is on mando, David Thom will 'beef out' the guitar section and take
a few leads."

Microtech Gefell M300s (about 6' hi on table aprox/90degrees/10' back from lip) > Denecke
PS-2 > Zefiro Inbox > Tascam DA-20mkII // transfer: Tascam DA-20mkII > LynxONE > Samplitude
6.0 > SoundForge 4.5 > CDWav > flac

recording etc. by Richard Selleseth

set one/disc one
d1t01 tuning, banter etc.
d1t02 Shenandoah Valley
d1t03 band intro etc.
d1t04 No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine
d1t05 song intro
d1t06 Sweetest Love
d1t07 song intro, ttuning etc.
d1t08 You're Married
d1t09 song intro etc.
d1t10 Driftin' With The Tide
d1t11 banter, tuning, "comedy" etc.
d1t12 Love Call Waltz
d1t13 David Thom intro etc.
d1t14 Dirt Farmer
d1t15 song intro
d1t16 Little Rabbit
d1t17 banter, song intro etc.
d1t18 Are You Waiting Just For Me
d1t19 banter etc.
d1t20 Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
d1t21 song intro
d1t22 Teardrops In My Eyes
d1t23 song intro
d1t24 Two Soldiers
d1t25 "We're Gonna Do One More..."
d1t26 Redwing

set two/disc two
d2t01 banter, tuning etc.
d2t02 Another Day
d2t03 tuning etc.
d2t04 Crossroads Bar
d2t05 "thank you folks..."
d2t06 One More Time
d2t07 banter etc.
d2t08 Long Gone
d2t09 "we're gonna do a couple more..."
d2t10 Diamond Joe
d2t11 banter, intros etc.
d2t12 Somehow Tonight
from the soundcheck:
d2t13 Driftin' With The Tide
d2t14 Sweetest Love
d2t15 One More Time
d2t16 Somehow Tonight
d2t17 Driftin' With The Tide