Papermill Creek Rounders
5/31/06 (Wed)
Iron Springs Pub & Brewery
Fairfax, CA

David Nelson, Banana, Ed Neff,
Paul Shelasky and Paul Knight

sbd > Tascam DA-P{1
transfer: Sony R-500 > LynxONE > Samplitude 6.0 >
CDWav > flac

recording by Richard Selleseth & Dan Ward
transfer by Richard Selleseth

disc 1/set 1
d1t01 love calls etc.
d1t02 Somehow Tonight
d1t03 Shenandoah Valley Breakdown
d1t04 song intro etc.
d1t05 Poor Old Dirt Farmer
d1t06 thank you etc.
d1t07 Diamond Joe
d1t08 song intro etc.
d1t09 Maybe You Will Change Your Mind
d1t10 band intros etc.
d1t11 Got To Travel On
d1t12 song intro etc.
d1t13 Love Call Waltz
d1t14 song intro etc.
d1t15 Elephant Mountain Backstep
d1t16 banter etc.
d1t17 I Know You're Married
d1t18 announcement etc.
d1t19 Hippie From Olema
d1t20 song intro etc.
d1t21 Girl From The Crossroads Bar
d1t22 song intro etc.
d1t23 Somebody Loves You
d1t24 festival plug etc.
d1t25 Driftin' With The Tide
d1t26 song intro etc.
d1t27 Nanner's Waltz
d1t28 song intro etc.
d1t29 Lover's Lane
d1t30 song intro etc.
d1t31 Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
d1t32 banter etc.
d1t33 My Walking Shoes Don't Fit Me Any More
d1t34 end of set blah blah

disc 2/set 2
d2t01 tuning etc.
d2t02 Crooked Judge
d2t03 banter etc.
d2t04 Don't Bury Me On The Lone Prairie
d2t05 song intro etc.
d2t06 I'd Rather Die Young And Be Forgotten
d2t07 song intro etc.
d2t08 Goldrush
d2t09 comedy etc.
d2t10 The Old Rounder
d2t11 banter etc.
d2t12 Another Day
d2t13 banter etc.
d2t14 Could You Love Me One More Time?
d2t15 song intro etc.
d2t16 No Longer A Sweetheart Of Mine
d2t17 comedy etc.
d2t18 Just Can't Quit The Blues
d2t19 banter etc.
d2t20 Dixie Howdown
d2t21 banter etc.
d2t22 Teardrops In My Eyes
d2t23 song intro etc.
d2t24 The Sweetest Love
d2t25 song intro etc.
d2t26 Two Soldiers
d2t27 song intro etc.
d2t28 I'm Gone
d2t29 thanks etc.