Papermill Creek Rounders
09/03/06 (Sun)
Area 101
Laytonville, CA

Banana ~ Banjo & vocals, David Nelson ~ Guitar & vocals, Ed Neff ~ Mandolin/Fiddle & vocals, Paul Shelasky ~ Fiddle, Paul Knight ~ Bass

Microtech Gefell M300s onstage aprox. 4'high/10'spread directly in front of band > Tascam DA-P1 16/48
transfer: Sony R-500 > M-Box > ProTools LE 6.7 > Samplitude 6.0 16/44.1 > CDWav > flac 6

recording etc. by Richard Selleseth

thanks to Dan Ward for the setlist

t01 banter, introduction etc.
t02 Drifting With The Tide
t03 banter etc.
t04 Somehow Tonight I Feel Lonesome My Darling
t05 banter etc.
t06 Shenandoah Valley Breakdown
t07 banter etc.
t08 Girl At The Crossroads Bar
t09 banter etc.
t10 Love Call Waltz
t11 banter etc.
t12 Poor Old Dirt Farmer
t13 banter etc.
t14 Gotta Travel On
t15 banter etc.
t16 Maybe Someday Youíll Change Your Mind
t17 banter etc.
t18 Hippie From Olema
t19 banter etc.
t20 Diamond Joe
t21 banter etc.
t22 Walkiní Shoes
t23 banter etc.
t24 Turkey In The Straw
t25 banter etc.
t26 Could You Love Me One More Time
t27 banter etc.
t28 Iíd Rather Die Young Than Be Forgotten
t29 banter etc.
t30 Two Soldiers
t31 banter etc.
t32 Dixie Hoedown
t33 banter etc.
t34 Iím Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
t35 banter etc.
t36 Long Gone
t37 crowd etc.
t38 E: Another Day
t39 Katy Hill
t40 introductions etc.