Freak Valley Festival 2014
AWO Gelaende, Netphen-Deuz, Germany
May - 29 - 2014
Day # 1/ Act # 4


Freak Valley Notes... by Spacebandit

Once again the opening of the outdoor festival madness here in Germany started in an industrial area of tiny Netphen near Siegen. As in the two years before, the ROCKFREAKS put on a
fantastic lineup of stoner/doom/heavy 70's/bluesrock/spacerock, whatever your heart fills with joy. Some bands there did exclusive shows, with no further touring in Germany or even in
Europe, so the crowd gathering at Freak Valley consited of music lovers from all over the continent, sometimes even more far away. The sound was very good, and the lawn in front of the
stage as well (more later on that!). But somehow I feel that the spirit of Freak Valley has changed since last year. To be honest: To a more commercial festival. Though it might be good
for the event itself, there's a whole lotta more to make better next year. As me and my friends arrived in pouring rain on thursday noon, we could not get the usual parking lot in front
of the venue, but were forced to park our five station wagons (for comfortable old men's sleep) about a kilometer away. Well, that was nothing troubling, but the walk along a crowded
highspeed road on 50 centimeters (with cars almost NOT speeding down) was really life-risking. OH MY GOD! Even as they put out signs of 30 KM/H, some idiots cruised along me with 100+!
You wanna get killed by the roadside by an asshole who refuses to put the speed down on his car (only for about 500 meters)? I can think of a better way to die...Guess the drivers in that
Siegerland are all crazy. And the police had a chance to collect hundrets of licences...but where did I see our beloved HELPERS...? N.o.w.h.e.r.e !
Oh, hell yeah, that was the thing that I'm seriously PISSED. All other minor annoying things, like the rude kicking crowd during some shows are just "kindergarden"...Just KICK back...
All thanks to my "Psychedelik Stammtisch" crew of Michael, Wolli, Joerg and my dear brother Martin, and of course, to our good friend LORD DIE, who managed to get a secure parking lot
about 150 meters from stage, but for the price of a hip-surgery and a walking stick before...He deserved to get that!
A BIG BUNCH of THANKS to the whole Freak Valley workers for making this festival A REAL GOOD TIME. Thanks also for the well-behaved SECURITY boys and girls (but only from Friday on, where
were you on thursday? Day off?). Last not least, all thanks to the great ANNOUNCER Volker. Great to hear almost the same introduction to all bands!
So...well I need to write this...WEATHER REPORT...

May 29th - heavy rain on the drive/light rain all through the evening. night temperatures about 8+ C.
May 30th - no rain, clouded sky, broke up to the clear moonlight. night temperatures about 3/4+ C. Brrrr...
May 31st - fantastic sunshine all day long! night temperatures about 8/9+ C.

Admission fee: In advance, EARLY BIRD TICKETS, bought last November, 45 Euros.

Catering on Festival ground: Pizzabude (n�h!), a Veggiefood booth (naja...) and a Fritten/Currywurstbude (auch nicht �berragend!).
Two big sized Veltins Bier Booths, and a very crowded Cocktail-Bar...Oh, and of course, a much crowded Coffee-Bar.

Drain: Well, only four wagons to leave off your bladder and bowel remains. Sometimes an EMERGENCY, lifesaving procedere...2 more next year would be fine!

Ok, Ladies and's a bit of FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL 2014...

Rec Info:
SONY ECM 717 -> ZOOM H2n (at WAV 16/44) -> SDcard -> HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...
Recorded by dear friend, "Psychedelik-Stammtisch-Bruder" and taping buddy MIRO at first row almost dead center. Luckily we decided to bring two different equipments to the Valley,
and as you know that mine jammed a lot due to an unknown cable break, it's sooooo goood to hear an almost pristine quality tape. A few yells and hollers here and there, but really
nothing that distracts you from listening to this great 80 minutes Krautspacetrip. Unfortunately I did not receive any good pics so far, so this must be on the way without.
All thanks straight to the lovely town of Gescher, in the middle of nowhere of western Muensterland...

Well I've to admit, that I missed most part of PAPIR's set last November at the PNF Festival in Wuerzburg for recreational chemistry reasons. Anyway, I listened to the recordings
of that show and was not really too much impressed, as I was about the net samples from PAPERMOON sessions ect.
But, another half year's gone by, and maybe my mood was more open for this great performance. Maybe even more as I was not in "taping duties" for this. Lucky man!
So I really could enjoy this set from start to finish inside a very focused and "in-there" listening crowd. Hmm, seemed like the "rowdy crowd" later during Radio Moscow needed that
"pause" to refill their internal "engines"... Anyway, this was great...but what about the music?
PAPIR is a young trio from Copenhagen, Denmark, who ealisy combine the old messages of rhythmic krautrockspace of a band like CAN with some twirling british spacerock and a few modern
stoner rock influences. Their performances are always semi-improvisations, so there's always a lot of space to jam.
Here's a good example of this, and you might as well join in the fun. For MANY people at this festival it was the real "deal". And I simply say, that it comes very close...
Lighten one up, fasten your seatbelts, and off we go...into PAPIR space! SB.

FULL SHOW (78:43 min.)

01. Volker speaks -> Skok (7:49)
02. Five (10:41)
03. B (12:48)
04. Hummus (15:27)
05. Halloumni (15:06)
06. Buller (16:50)

All tracks as written on original setlist.
Track #2 has a nice LedZeppelin tease at the end...
the usual facebook/bandcamp sites...

Support the band, go to their shows, buy all the merch your spaceship can carry!
Do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use. No lossy net use. Flac rules!
If you spread, keep lineage/taper info intact. It's us tapers who give you this recording.
If you sell...get blown off by danish dynamite!

PAPIR is...

Nicklas Soerensen - Fender Stratocaster
Christian Becher Clausen - Fender bass
Christoffer Broechmann Christensen - drums

Uploaded to DIME by Spacebandit 2014/06/05.

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