Parliament 11/??/76

Ebbets Field, Denver, CO

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Setlist from etree

Children of Production
Mothership Connection (starchild)
Swing Down,Sweet Chariot
Commin'Round the Mountain
Give up the Funk.
Get off your ass jam.
Night of the Thumpasaurus People
Cosmic Slop
Red Hot Mama
Let's Take it to the Stage
Take your dead ass Home
Do that Stuff

Feel free to do what ever you want with this music here, covert to MP3, seed on other
sites, pirate it and make millions. Really that is not in my hands. I share because
the music was made to be heard. ALLWAYS give thanks and respect to the artists that
created the music, I find it hard to believe they would not want it shared in all possible

Fingerprints included in file

Another Classic from the DUBWISE GARAGE COLLECTION

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