Parliament FUNKADELIC: January 1, 1978 Detroit Michigan (Venue Not Listed)
Liberated Boot 'Home Of The Funk' Gorgon Music (GM06) 1992
Soundboard Recording
Original Silver CD> CD-R> FLAC
Seeded to LossLess Legs ( 1/07
i have found no reference to this show at db.etree for either 1/1/78, or 12/31/77, as such I am labeling this one a 'GEM.'

01. Funkentelechy
02. Cosmic slop
03. Maggot Brain
04. Mothership Connection
05. Swing Low sweet Chariot
06. Flash Light

This one is not quite as crisp as 'Gett Higher' and in fact the source tape sounds pretty raggedy at the head.
Don't let this dissuade you from an amazing slab of pure uncut Funk.
Yes, I am aware that at this time the band was touring as 'Parliament-Funkadelic.'
I am simply repeating exactly what is on the cover art.
I bought this sealed and new in 1992, and it is absolutely lossless.
This one came packaged in a cardboard 'digi-pak'. The artwork is terribly dark, and I have done my best with the scans.
I sincerely hope you enjoy the tunes. This one smokes...