George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic
March 21, 2012
The Regency
San Francisco, CA

A dont be stupid release
Taped by dont be a pussy listen to

equipment zoom h1
transfer zoom h1 cdwav editor-flac

taper notes. awsome show by the legends parliament funkadelic.

george clinton appears to have maybe mellowed out as his hair is much shorter, looks like he lost weight, and spent most
of the show stretched out on the drumm riser, letting the band and his singers do the work and he would come out to work the
crowd and then go back to the background.

running time on this is 2 hours 15 minutes.

there was a guy with mics on poles in the back which is why I did not post this after the show but his source has not showed up
yet so here u go

as always dont be stupid and sell share freely u lying bunch of pricks because i am not a translators