April 2, 2004
Luther's Blues
Madison, WI

Octava MK012>M-Audio Firewire 410>IBook G4 @ 24/48
>Sound Studio(recording, tracking, fades)>
Spark XL 2.8(resample/dither to 16/44.1)>xACT>shn
Taped by Matt Nicgorski

Disc One

Set I:
01. crowd
02. Loose Caboose
03. Launchpad
04. banter
05. The Banker
06. Below Radar
07. Kneeknocker*^

Disc Two

Set II:
01. Triple Threat
02. National Anthem
03. Make It Real

Disc Three

Set II continued:
01. The Golden Gator Reprise

02. crowd/banter
03. Truth Don Die*

*w/ Charlie on bass
^w/ light solo from 'the banker'