David L.

Feb 6 2013

Hi Peter:

Just puttering around Sugarmegs, as I do daily, and decided to check out a show I attended some time ago (but have faint recollection of): Particle, at Boston's Roxy on Halloween, 2004.

The file doesn't give a setlist, but asks for folks to e-mail you information so, here I am ;-)

Alas, I do not have a setlist, but am happy to provide you some background on the gig:

This was a special show. In typical Particle style, there would be a theme to their Halloween show. That evening's was a salute to television theme songs! So we knew we'd be in for a music of familiar musical friends. And speaking of musical friends, the night would feature an extra surprise. Their opening act was John Popper and Rob Wasserman, billed as Trick or Treat.

Alas, I don't remember too many other specifics, as earlier that Sunday my beloved Steelers scored a rare victory over the Patriots and I had done a bit too much celebrating. But the show's energy was in top form and SO many people came out in costume.

Anyway, I'll try and send you a setlist if I can listen to the whole show today. I hope this little bit helps. I have the poster from the show framed on my wall, and I don't think I've actually heard the show since, so I'm gonna go back and check it out (opening number: Theme from Mission: Impossible!

Thanks Peter!