Band: Particle (feat Scott Metzger)
Date: 22nd September, 2011
Venue: Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ

Lineage: Marantz PMD620 recording via in-built mics to SD card in wav format -> Adobe Audition (volume optimisation) -> CDWave (tracksplitting) -> FLAC

Eric Gould - Bass
Steve Molitz - Keyboards
Darren Pujalet - Drums

Special guest for the entire show:
Scott Metzger - Guitar

01 ??
02 ??
03 ??
04 ??
05 ??
All help with the setlist will be greatly appreciated

NB. Steve Molitz joined (support band) Schwizz for their last number .... a blistering version of Pink Floyd's Have A Cigar. I did also record Schwizz and will torrent it within the next day or so.

Superb gig. Great sound. Had a nice spot for my recorder which sat on a high (bar) table next to the dance floor.

Some dude joined me at the table - thought he might keep an eye on my stuff for me, but when I got back from taking a pee, his friend had grabbed my seat and was batting my recorder around with the back of her nails and a look on her face like it was a soggy napkin. I tried to ask her to move but there was no way the pig ignorant beech was going to do that. So I grabbed my recorder and moved it to the table behind them.

Next thing is that dude is heading over to where I am now sitting, asking me "what's in that?". He obviously thought I had something even more interesting than a digital recorder stashed in my little box marked "Hearos". Anyone who's been to Guitar Center will know what they are, but he looked like he'd struck gold as I grinned like an idiot and made a show of digging around in my pockets .... pulling out two little white lumps .... then sticking them in my frigging ears 'cos they were ear plugs !!

Apart from the phasing you'll hear as the recorder got moved around for a minute or so, the only faults I believe to be on this recording are similar phasing as I fiddled with the recorder a couple of times during the first number to cool down the recording levels.

All in all, this is a great recording of a superb gig.

Cheers. Rob.