Alameda County Coliseum Arena
28 October 1981

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It's an upgrade of the others versions seeded here:
I listen these two sources and they have an inferior quality sound of this one.
No lineage and lossless ,I put some samples in the comments.


01. No You Donít
02. Treat Me Right
03. Outta Touch
04. Precious Time
05. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
06. Hell Is For Children
07. Fire & Ice
08. I Need A Lover
09. Promises In The Dark
10. We Live For Love
11. Itís A Tuff Life
12. In The Heat Of The Night
13. You Better Run
14. Heartbreaker
15. Little Paradise
16. Just Like Me
17. Helter Skelter

This version is from Jan 2007,thanks for the first seeder.