Pat Benatar - Here Is My Oasis
September 1, 2007
Atcher Municipal Center
Schaumburg, IL USA

White Dragon Records - WDR0250/0251

Source: Audience Digital Master

Taper: kinglerxst
Mastering: siriusjoe
Artwork: kinglerxst

Disc One - 40:08

Intro 1:41
All Fired Up 4:18
Shadows Of The Night 4:15
I Need A Lover 5:07
Invincible 6:48
Painted Desert 6:06
River Of Love 6:08
We Live For Love 5:41

Disc Two - 45:15

We Belong 7:05
Let's Stay Together 6:00
Hit Me With Your Best Shot 3:54
Hell Is For Children 6:08
Heartbreaker 7:51
Promises In The Dark 7:46
Love Is A Battlefield 6:28

Location: DFC, about 30' from stage

Recording Equipment: (2) Audio Technica 933 cardioid mics >
(2) Audio Technica 8532 Power Modules >
Edirol R-09 24-Bit WAV recorder



Taper's Notes:

It's hard to believe that a mere 30 hours before this show I was sitting
in a traffic jam on the interstate just north of Orlando in the pouring rain!
I thought I'd never make it, but the rock gods were looking out for me
and I arrived early the next afternoon to great weather and even greater
hospitality! After arriving to siriusjoe's and after a brief relaxing rest,
we headed over to the venue to check it out, the first time I ever actually
walked to a venue in that manner! We wandered through an incredible maze
of tarps all laid out that morning for people's "spots" and there we stood
in front of the soundboard area looking at the stage and quite the PA set-up!
They started to play some of LIAB through the PA and wow did it sound killer,
at first it seemed like a cd, but then when the guitar came in you could tell
they were up on stage, but since they had tarps hanging across it up front,
we couldn't see them up there. But as the song would stop at times, we could
hear them (Pat and Neil) talking to each other as well as the sound guy, so it
was pretty interesting! After that we went to the food tent at Septemberfest
and enjoyed some of the best chicken fingers ever!

After some more relaxing we headed back over for the show, standing back
dead center where we checked out earlier. And what can I say about the show
itself other than it was a great one and we enjoyed every second of it! The
sound was once again excellent, although as usual they do like to pump up Neil
in the mix a bit, he is a great player, but they sometimes overpower you with
him. Pat played most of the hits and classics and pulled out a killer version
of "Painted Desert"!!! This was a GA festival type crowd, but overall they
were pretty good around us and enjoyed it as much as we did!

A very very special thanks to siriusjoe for mastering this show and his awesome

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