Pat Benatar
American Music Festival 5th Street Stage
Virginia Beach, VA
Last show of the tour

Audience Recording

Recorded by RCarter(DT)
Directly in front of SB, DFC

ZoomH2 set on 48/24Bit>CD WAV Editor>dB Poweramp for 16 Bit Conversion>TLH for fixing SBEs and FLAC

01- All Fired Up
02- Shadows of the Night
03- If You Think You Know How to Love Me
04- Invincible
05- Promises in the Dark
06- You Better RUn
07- We Belong
08- Hell is For Children
09- Hit Me With Your Best Shot
10- Love is a Battlefield
11- Encore Break
12- Band Intros- Let's Stay Together
13- Crew Intros- Heartbreaker

This was my daugheters first concert.
She has been a Pat Benatar fan for more than half of her 10 years.
SHe made sure I had my recorder, and when I told her she should take her camera, she decided to try and video the whole set.
About halfway through, I did double duty to give her a break.
No, the video will not be posted. It is pretty wretched being done with a point and shoot from 150 or so feet.

We somehow snagged a great spot in spite of all of the chair people.
It's funny to me how territorial those people are, especially the ones with chairs and blankets.

Pat and Neil were great. The sound was pretty good. The crowd was drunk, but not rowdy. The weather was perfect.
We were right on the beach. There was some wind. It is very noticble during the quieter parts.

This is dedicated to Kaitlyn, who is ready for her next show.