Pat Benatar
Filene Center at Wolf Trap
Vienna, VA
August 20, 2013

Recording Info:
ALD - Unknown recorder
Edited with Adobe Audition CC 2015 (various plug ins) / cool edit pro 2.1 (mostly for tracking)

"The Wolf Trap Collection"

1. pre show PA
(Run Around Sue - Dion DiMucci)
2. All Fired Up
3. Invincible
4. So Sincere
5. I Won't
6. Promises in the Dark
7. We Belong
8. Hell Is for Children
9. You Better Run
(The Young Rascals)
10. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
(Eddie Schwartz)
11. Love Is a Battlefield
12. band intro's
13. Let's Stay Together
14. Heartbreaker
(snippets of "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash, "Heartbreaker" by Led Zeppelin, and Godfather Love Theme)

Mastering of this source:


This recording found it's way to me from a long time buddy/collector via a portable HD.
The HD contains a good 50-75 shows from Wolf Trap from about 2010 - 2013
I have found NONE of these to be in circulation, nor have I found many to have been recorded via any other source.
So I would regard these as very unique.

I can conclude that almost all of these recordings (if not all) were recorded via ALD.
They are all Mono, and many of the recordings have various stages of Clipping.
It's not clear if the clipping is only in the copies I received or are on the original files (which I had no access to)
Without overly enhancing or destroying the recordings, I have done the best I could to master them and put them out.
I would welcome any input on the history of these recordings or anything else that someone could enlighten me as to their origin.

Additional Notes:
Clipping is a bit more noticable on this.
Cheep Trick was the opening band for Pat Benatar