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Gateway Harbor Park
Buffalo, NY
August 30, 2013

Taper: Richard S. Binko
Transfered and Mastered by }{eywood
Lineage: Teac VR-20 digital recorder (recorded at 16/44.1) > USB > Plugin enhanced Adobe Audition 1.5 (clip restoration, EQ, limiting, track splitting) > TLH (SBE fix, flac 8)

The Gateway Harbor is a large area of water where the Erie Canal and the Nigara River meet Lake Erie, and the park is part of the restoration of the commercial slip that helped Buffalo become the city it is. Because of the large body of water it is very windy in the park all the time, and considerably colder than farther inland. This wind rumble is preiodically noticeable on this recording.

01 All Fired Up
02 Invincible
03 So Sincere
04 Sex As a Weapon
05 Promises in the Dark
06 banter
07 We Belong
08 Hell Is For Children
09 banter
10 You Better Run
11 banter
12 Hit Me With Your Best Shot
13 Love is a Battlefield
14 banter
15 Everybody Lay Down
16 Let's Stay Together
17 Heartbreaker/Ring of Fire/guitar solo