Pat Benetar and Nick Geraldo
Sunset Amphitheater
Sunset Station Casino
Las Vegas, Nv
June 11,2016

Recorded by Daspyknows
Orchestra Pit 12th row dead center

Schoeps MK4/NBox Platinum Tascam DR-2D 24 Bit 48K

Processed using Soundforge 11, resample, to 16bit 44.1K
TLH to convert to Flac

Master 2016.28

SETLIST-Need help


My plans were to travel to Kanab Utah near Zion Bark to see my son at a Wilderness
Therapy Program and I contacted friends in Vegas to let them know I was passing through.
They said it was Junefest which they have attended going back many years. I saw the
bads playing (English Beat, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Lou Gramm and Pat Benetar) and I
thought why not. Scored a 12th row center seat.I arrived late Friday night after a long
drive. Saturday afternoon we left for the venue. My friends had me convinced the search
could be thorough. As it turns out the search was easy and I got set up. My friends sat
in the GA area and I was in my taping seat. It was hot and a bit windy but compared to a
week earlier pleasant. First up was English Beat who I have enjoyed when I saw them. The
band keeps changing but they put on a good performance. Next up was Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.
Not really my type of music but they put on a good set. A woman sitting behind me came to
see them. During the set a drunk guy sat down two seats away from me. He seemed like an
idiot right from the start and sat like he had ants in his pants and couldn't sit still.
While the music was playing he asks me what time Paat Benetar is supposed to start. I put
my finger to my lips to nicely shush him. As I later learned that really pissed him off.
After the next break Lou Gramm of Foreighner came out. The wind was whipping and when the
music started the sound was messed up. Lou Gramm's voice was shot and his band was awful.
The bass player and lead guitarist watched lots of rock stars so they had the strutting
down but they could not play. This was one of the worst sets of music I had seen in many
years. Meanwhile the idiot was now sitting behind me. He was swinging one of the kids
toys with the flashing lights they sell at carnivals. At one point he hits me in the back
of the head and soon after he sends it flying up a few rows. He is crawling on the ground
bothering people trying to find it. Once the music ends I went to see my friends for a bit
and when I get back security is wiping up beer he spilled on the woman behind me and 3 other
seats. A couple sitting behind the idiot, the woman drenched in beer and I were hoping the
idiot was not planning to return but minutes before Pat Benetar came on he came back. Note
he did not have seats in the section. We all told him to stop being an idiot and ruining
the experience for others. He said nothing and the music started. At the end of Hell Is
For Children he gets in my face and says I am a self righteous arrogant asshole for telling
him to shush and I put my arm out to get him out of my face, He keeps going off and says
that if I get into an accident to remember him. Security comes and escorts him out. Luckily
I am not taken out since I never stood up. After the show ends I meet my friends and tell
them what happened. As we are walking out through the casino a couple who sat in front of me
come up to me and let me know I am being stalked and followed. I went into the bathroom to
remove the gear and my friend and the guy look out for him. His girlfriend goes to get
security, After ten minutes she returns and says securitry is occupied because a woman
getting married lost her diamond ring. The idiot is not around so we all walked out to the
parking lot. The couple went left and we went right and next thing I see is the idiot zig
zagging through the parking lot towards us. He starts taking pictures of my friends car's
license and me and tells me he has all the info to get me. My friend tells him to get lost
but he stands behind our car so we can't leave. Eventually he leaves. So he has my friend's
license but not sure if he realizes what he is getting into if he messes with my friend who
served in desert storm, had many years of military security and top secret clearance. He
also has many friend in the LV PD. I have tracked the rant as a separate track. Enjoy.

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