Pat Martino: guitar
Delmar Brown: keyboards
Mark Leonard: bass
Kenwood Dennard: drums
Berklee Performance Center
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
March 25, 1977
source: 1st generation audience tape
Performance quality: A (best Pat Martino I've ever heard)
Recording quality: B/B+
runtime: 76:54
setlist: (thanks to ezfun2010 for set list)
1: stage intro and tuning :57
2: songbird (Pat Martino) 8:58
3: pyramdidal vision (Delmar Brown) 12:01
4: Mardi Gras (Delmar Brown) 8:29
5: along came Betty (Betty Golson) 6:03
6: band introductions :47
7: Sombrero Sam (Charles Lloyd) 6:10
8: joyous lake (Pat Martino) 10:38
9: fall (Wayne Shorter) 5:18
10: line games (Pat Martino) 6:06
lineage: unknown, probably mismatched microphones >
JVC KD-2? stereo cassette deck
(dolby off I think, it was over 30 years ago..) >
master cassettes (Maxell UD, normal bias) >
7" reel copy, Maxell UD at 3 3/4 ips >
soundforge 4.5 (wav) > FLAC > torrent. first seeded in 2008,
reseeded in 2010 with a flac > wav > flac (sb's aligned)
reconversion to remove the sbe's. reseeded in 2011 with setlist.
A this and that production (one of the first ones)
recorded, digitized, posted and reseeded by glasnostrd19.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
comments: this is a full set from one of just a handful
of 1977 Pat Martino Group shows to include Kenwood
Dennard on drums and is from I think one of Martino's
most vibrant periods of music. This tour was much too short.
I want to hear any other shows with this group that are at
least decent quality. I'm not a real big fan of Pat Martino music
but I would be if I heard him play more of this kind of music. Pat
really shows he is a brilliant guitarist with imaginative proficient
chops and a style all his own. This doesn't sound like anybody else.
This is from the peak of his fusey/jazz period. Most of what I've
heard of his is still very good guitar playing, but too subdued
or loungey sounding for my ears. I have not heard a real lot of
Pat, a few live recordings. This is by far the hottest Pat Martino
show I've ever heard, and one of the 1st jazz recordings I was part
of. I think it was the 1st with my very own tape recorder (instead
of a borrowed one). If you haven't heard this show or this band live
(recorded or in person), you should check this out. It's a rarity.
There are two flip cuts, spliced together in the middle of songs, but
only a few seconds missing. My copy was recorded with a nearly brand
new (at the time) Teac reel deck, state of the art quality for the time,
probably from the Sony or JVC deck it was recorded on. I think this is
the whole show, and not only torrented for the 1st time here, this
torrent has had the full ICPVR (individual clap peak volume reduction)
treatment between songs and there is very little clapping during the
music (appreciative and polite audience). If you are among the one or
two who recieved this in a tape trade many years ago, or CD trade more
recently, you haven't heard it sounding this good before. I've remastered
the reel copy and it sounds pretty decent now. I think this was my 1st
Berklee P.C. show, and I was immediately impressed with the sound in
there, as well as the performance given by this group. There were other
1977 Pat Martino shows, but I'm told only a handful with this group.
This was my 1st time seeing Kenwood Dennard, and helped establish his
reputation as a player I want to go see play live. He was very good, as
always. Little did I know I would not get to see Kenwood with the band
he spent alot more time in (Brand X), I'm told because Berklee's stage
was too small to fit all the drums and percussion stuff (Berklee's stage is
not very large). That was a big disappointment- Brand X didn't play
Boston at all in 1977 w/Dennard. They played Boston 3X in 78 to help
make up for it, but no Dennard for any of those. This concert helped
make up alot for that misfortune, because I really like Kenwood Dennard's
drumming. and this was my 1st time seeing (and recording) him live.
If you like Pat Martino, or any kind of hot fusion music, do yourself a
favor and check this out. One of my 1st audience recordings (maybe even
my 1st) turned out to be one of the finest concerts I've ever recorded.
I only had the KD-2 for a short time, it had an annoying problem of getting
stuck in 2 channel (sometimes just 1 channel) mono mode, but not in this
show. This was probably its first recording, since I had just turned 20,
and I think I got that deck for my birthday. It did pretty well for about
6 months.