Pat Martino Quintet
Unknown Venue
San Francisco, CA
Unknown Date in 1975 or 1976

Lineage- cd-r's received in trade> unknown recording circumstances (very good sound for this era)> tracks split in Audacity> WAV to FLAC and torrent creation TLH> DIME

Pat Martino-guitar
Gil Goldstein- Keys
Bob Hammond-sax and flute
Jeff Berlin-bass
Anton Fig-drums

1- Unknown song fragment
2- Unknown
3- City Lights (electric piano/guitar duo and solos)
4- Unknown
5- Starbright
6- Pat Martino Speaks/band intro
7- The Great Stream pt. 1 (cuts)
8- The Great Stream pt. 2
9- Unknown
10- Unknown
11- Unknown

Total Time- 1 Hour and 40 minutes

I'd been inspired recently to upload Pat Martino's Joyous Lake Band show from 1977 in San Francisco, but I found that it's still active here on the tracker. Therefore, I went to this earlier show, which presented me with a few challenges.
No definite date or venue came with this show, when I got it in a trade. From the material that I can identify and the fact that Gil Goldstein is playing keys, it's got to be around the time of Pat's Starbright album that was his Warner Brothers debut, and/or the We'll Be Together Again disc done with Gil Goldstein on Muse from about that same time. I looked for info on etree, but I seemed to be the only person there that had this show. In general, there's not a lot out there from Pat in the 70's.
This is a really good sounding show for the time that features some truly amazing playing from Pat at his 1970's peak. The band is great too. Here's Jeff Berlin, Gil Goldstein, and Anton Fig in the infancy of their careers, but holding their own with the phenomenal Pat. Not sure who Bob Hammond is, but he sounds great too.Pat would soon go in a more overtly fusion direction with Joyous Lake, and shortly thereafter experience some very serious health issues that he happily overcame.
The 2 discs I received in the trade contained one un-split track per disc, and there was no song information or personnel. The first disc also has a mild discrepency in volume between the right and left channels.
As I split the tracks, it was obvious that this wasn't an entire set on either disc. My first disc starts with a short song fragment that abruptly ends. That disc ends with about a minute of The Great Stream which then cuts. Fortunately, the 15 minute plus majority of The Great Stream starts disc 2. The mystery deepens after that because the following track begins with an introduction by someone in the club that is obviously the start of a set. Whether this is now set 2, or if both discs here contain one show that was haphazardly commited to these discs is unclear.
Anyone who can solve this, join tracks (The Great Stream), or identify the tunes that were unknown to me is heartily encouraged to chime in with info and/or skills. Thanks go out to whoever committed this to tape way back when, and to the person who sent me this in a trade several years ago.
Please do support all of these great artists by paying to see them live and through purchasing their commercially available recordings.