<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#aaaaaa">Pat Metheny <br>ECM Artists Showcase. <br>Berklee Performance Centre, Boston. <br>October 1976 <br> <br>This rare audience recording, which I understand has only come to light recently. It was torrented here 6 months ago, along with some companion parts of this concert, an ECM artists evening also featuring Terje Rypdal, the duet of Ralph Towner and John Abercrombie, Jack DeJohnette's Directions, Eberhard Weber, Steve Kuhn's Ecstasy and The Enrico Rava Group. My remaster of the Rypdal set has been torrented here a few days ago, the Abercrombie/Towner set is to come in a few days. <br> <br>I was originally captivated by the Rypdal part of the concert, which was a brilliant set but had a few un-repairable problems with the tape transcription. I contacted the original seeder, who very generously has loaned me his master cassette for a new restoration of these great performances. <br> <br>See my notes for the Rypdal set for a few more details about the source tape. <br> <br>So here is the Pat Metheny part of the concert, a solo performance dating from after his first ECM solo album, but featuring a lovely rendition of Icefire from his second. <br> <br>The recording needed little fixing, just a slight denoise above about 4KHz, some channel re-balancing, a few clicks removed and phase-centralising the stereo image. <br> <br>My huge thanks to Fritz, who not only brought this recording to light and shared it here, but then generously allowed me access to his tape. This remaster is in no way intended as any critique of his original efforts! Enjoy!! <br> <br>1. Icefire <br>2. Waltzes (for Ralph) <br>3. ?? <br>4. Omaha Celebration <br> <br>(Note: This set makes a nice companion to the Towner/Abercrombie set and together will fit on a single CD. I'll be uploading their set in a few days.)