Detroit, Baker's Keyboard Lounge
Possibly June-July 1977

01.Phase Dance
02.River Quay
03.April Joy
04.Unity Village > (solo guitar improvisation) > Meantime
05.Pat Speaks / San Lorenzo
06.Band Intro / Wrong Is Right
07.How Insensitive / Lakes
08.Soft Winds
09.Pat Speaks / Jaco
10.Lone Jack

TT 78:52

Pat Metheny guitars
Lyle Mays piano, synthesizers, autoharp
Mark Egan electric bass
Dan Gottlieb drums

Fellow Skoochie is one of the most prolific seeder on TTD and has been seeding some of the best jazzrock shows. I have
been downloading quite a few and I am really grateful to him for taking the time to be so prolific. Not considering
the huge flood of Zappa shows. Terrific.

This is one I downloaded and enjoyed enormously. The only thing was that the infos were incomplete, no setlist and
the show itself was tracked in an incorrect way. So I took some time to fill the gap and here is back the Detroit
appearance from the Pat Metheny Group from a low generation copy. Soundwise this is a killer, maybe a bit saturating
but nevertheless a top notch performance. Full setlist is now provided and the show is correctly tracked.

Still some doubt about the date. Although no date is given, we can easily locate this show between June and July
1977. It is quite obvious that this one comes from the first leg of the 1977 tour, where some early and unreleased tracks
were still performed - such as Meantime and Fletcher Henderson's Soft Winds. Later in the year, those ones were dropped
in favour of more recent material.

Below you can find the original notes and lineage of this show. Once again many thanks to Skoochie for sharing this
great show.



First of all I would like to thank My good friend Steve H. aka fzmoi69
for letting me transfer many of his master analogue tapes. For me this is the
first and only exposure to some of these bands so any help with setlists is appreciated!

I would guess that Steve has recorded well over 1000 shows
and this represents a small portion of them making him the most prolific taper I know!
all of his Zappa masters have already been shared either here the dime and all at,
with the exception of a few that we are still looking for and for those that have been lost.
or otherwise just plain missing.

Lineage: Master tape > sony cassette deck > SBAudigy2 > PC > Soundforge > CDarchitech > CDR > EAC > Soundforge>TLH