Pat Metheny Group
Pat Metheny- 6 and 12 string guitars
Lyle Mays- keyboards
Mark Egan- bass
Dan Gottlieb- drums
Berklee Performance Center
Boston, Mass.
October 7, 1977
(7 PM, early show,
opener for Jean-Luc Ponty)
performance quality: B+
recording quality: B+
source: master audience tape
1: phase dance
2: April joy
3: band introductions
4: San Lorenzo
5: Jaco
6: ?
7: ? (encore)
lineage: unknown mikes (decent ones) >
JVC KD-2? (maybe Technics 646) cassette deck (dolby off) >
TDK-SA 90 min. cassette >
soundforge 4.5 > FLAC 6 >
torrentially yours.
A this and that production.
('Cuz somebody's gotta do it.)
This is one of a few times I saw Pat Metheny warming up for someone.
I thought I had missed a song of this set somewhere, but if so I can't
tell where, apparently this is the complete set on a full side of rarely
played tape. It is a shorter than usual Pat set even for this era because
he was the opener. Remastered just for you. I also saw Miles Davis
warm up for Pat almost 5 years later, so it all comes out in the wash,
I guess. No idea what mikes I used for this one. Everything comes through
bright and clear, although the bass is not as pronounced as everything else
is. This is the era of "bright sized life" material for the PMG, the debut
album with this lineup, dare I even say the "classic" PMG lineup. (Most of
the songs in this show are originally from that studio album)
There have been some good ones but this was the one that put Metheny on
the offramp from obscurity. I recorded them at least one other time,
again as opening act. Never saw them headline, but a year later this lineup
played 4 sold out shows over 2 nights at the much more intimate "Paradise Theater"
(it's a club). I didn't see that but I did record 2 different FM broadcasts
from those shows. This is apparently the earliest PMG show that I've seen.
It's got some slight noises in a couple of parts but nothing drastic, I only
had to "monoize" a few short sections to remove some loud noises. It's a
pretty good recording, as most are from the acoustically delightful Berklee.
I was probably about 20 rows back in the center section. It looks like one
or two other PMG recordings I made are either not located in the oxide jungle,
lost, erased by mistake or in bits and pieces. This one made it 30 years intact
(ALOT longer than the KD-2 or the 646 lasted) and there's one from 1982 with
the later lineup (Mays, Rodby, Wertico and Nana Vasconcelos) that should be
up around the same time this is. There are alot of people in this world who
want, or need a Pat on the back. (or in the ears). So here's one,
from glasnostrd19 with love.
do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.