--- Pat Metheny 1978-04-04 IowaCity Gabe n Walkers 16-44 ---
2019 24/96 Remasters

Size: 618mb .flac
Legnth: 1:48:18
Quality: Aud,A. minimal audience noise
Lineage: MasterCass-BASF high bias/Denon DRS-610/Focusrite Scarlett 2i2/Audition/16-44flac
Recorder: Sony tc124 w one point Sony stereo mic.

Pat Metheny 1978-04-04 IowaCity Gabe n Walkers 16-44
Excellent sound, excellent band, fine performance.
I stoped tape between every song so there are rude transitions between songs, edited out
to the extent possible. Some minimal oxide shed, not bad after 40+ years.
Incomplete,I can't remember after 40 yrs what happened but I must have missed a tape flip
and lost a song. But I still get 16 trax. This setlist is from a Metheny Db and it seems
correct but it will not sync with my tracking. Any help with my tracking welcome.

Pat Metheny Group
Pat Metheny, guitars
Lyle Mays, piano, synthesizer, autoharp
Mark Egan, electric bass
Dan Gottlieb, drums

01 San Lorenzo (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays)
02 Wrong Is Right (Larry Coryell)
03 Untitled (Pat Metheny)
04 O Grande Amor (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
05 My Girl (Ronald White, Smokey Robinson) / Louie Louie (Richard Berry)
06 Nacada (Pat Metheny)
07 Jaco (Pat Metheny)
08 Soft Winds (Benny Goodman, Fletcher Henderson)
09 Lone Jack (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays)
10 Watercolors (Pat Metheny)
11 Phase Dance (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays)
12 River Quay (Pat Metheny)
13 April Joy (Pat Metheny)
14 Unity Village (Pat Metheny)
15 Meantime (Pat Metheny)
16 Lakes (Pat Metheny)

This is the year I'm remastering all my master tapes to digital.
Around 50 tapes have been digitized @ 24/96 and are headed your way.
Cassette tapes have proven to be suprisingly durable over time, however, fine cassette decks are dropping
like flies due to rubber drying out, the lack of replacement parts and techs who can't or won't repair them.
My Sony tcd5m's idler wheel went down and it can not be replaced. I used my Denon and dubs worked out well.
Digitize your tapes now because CassDecks are dying and soon it will be very difficult to transfer at all.

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