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Pat Metheny Interview at WMFO, Medford, MA, 1983-05-23

Artist Name:
Pat Metheny (plus unknown interviewer)

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Venue City Country Date
WMFO Station, Medforf, MA,USA, 1983-05-23

Track List:
01 Interview Segment Nr.1
02 Under Fire Outtake Nr.1
03 Interview Segment Nr.2
04 Under Fire Outtake Nr.2
05 Interview Segment Nr.3
06 Interview Segment Nr.4
07 Pat Metheny, Billy Higgins, Charlie Haden - Blues (Ray Bryant) - Live at McCabe's, Los Angeles, December 1982
08 Interview Segment Nr.5

Omitted Tracks: Song For Bilbao; Travels; Airstream (by Perri Sisters); The Fields, The Sky; Phase Dance



FM recording

(processed by Metamarc)

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Note: Another fine recording from waterwheel's incredible collection. This tape features a very nice interview with Pat that is quite unusual as it has two (great!) unreleased tunes from the Under Fire soundtrack score and a long and also unreleased live version of a Ray Bryant tune called "Blues" recorded live at McCabe's Guitar Shop in December 1982. Enjoy the music!