Pat Metheny Group
Meadowbrook Music Festival
Rochester, Michigan

Recorded & Transfered By: Robert Mullen (lvrwm)

Source: Master Audience Cassettes

Equipment/Lineage: 2 Dak 5245 Mics>Sony D6C Portable Stereo Cassette Recorder(Dolby C on)
>Master Cassettes (TDK SA-X90's)>Yamaha Natural Sound Cassette Deck K-902(Dolby C off)>
CD Wave Editor(tracking)>Traders Little Helper(flac level 8).

Comments: Here is our recording of the "Still Life (Talking) Tour" from this very nice
venue. The acoustics at this outdoor covered pavillion is better than average (IMHO), and
the recording came out well. We were about a quarter of the way back from the stage, and
a little stage right of center. The crowd was very well behaved around us. At the very
end of "The First Circle" the tape ran out, so about 3-5 seconds were lost during the
flip. A few times, I did cut some of the applause, and re-started in time for the next
tracks. Other than that, no music was lost. Enjoy!

Please: Convert to lossy format only for personal use.
Please: Do Not Buy or Sell This Recording.
Please: Trade Freely, Keeping The Recorder And Lineage Information Intact.
Please: Relax and Enjoy!

01-Forward March 3:47
02-(announcer introduction) Phase Dance 8:16
03-Travels 5:54
04-Tell It All 9:14
05-Daulton Lee 6:01
06-Last Train Home 5:13
07-The First Circle...(tape flip at end) 8:14
08-Pat Introduces the Band Members 2:10
09-Scrap Metal 8:44
10-If I Could 6:35
11-So May It Secretly Begin 7:27
12-Straight On Red 8:31
13-Are You Going With Me? 8:50
14-The Fields, The Sky 8:10
15-(It's Just) Talk 8:04
16-Letter From Home 2:36
17-unidentified** 11:28
18-This Is Not America 3:48
19-Pat speaks 0:35
20-Minuano (Six-Eight) 9:42


21-Pat's thanks and band member introductions 0:24
22-Third Wind 9:42

** A long, melody-less, spacey, sound effects-laden track, from which some sounds would
be taken for use in "Half-Life Of Absolution" later on.

Band Members:

Pat Metheny-Guitars & guitar synthesizers
Lyle Mays-Piano & synthesizers
Steve Rodby-Bass
Paul Wertico-Drums
David Blamires-Vocals & various instruments
Mark Ledford-Vocals & various instruments
Armando Marcal-Percussion




Note: There may be a 1st generation copy circulating of this recording from a mail trade
made in 2005 with "Lisardo" from Argentina.