Pat Metheny Group
The Wiltern Theater
Los Angeles
26 July 1989
Recorded from the audience

1st Generation cassette > Kyocera D-801 (azimuth adjusted for each cassette side) > SB X-Fi Platinum > Sony Sound Forge 8.0 > Guitar Tracks Pro 3.0 > Magix Audio Cleaning Lab > Traders Little Helper > Flac

This show was the first of 4 nights in a row Pat & his friends played The Wiltern Theater. The taper, my friend Brian, captured 3 of those nights. This recording is the better of all three shows. Brian had a recorder which also worked in auto reverse so some of the tape flips only lose that portion of the show as the tape leader ran through the machine. You can hear Brian fidget during the show, because he held the recorder in his lap there is sometimes noise from him that can be heard.

I would like to thank Brian, wherever he is, for recording and sharing so many shows. Thank You !!

The transfer from cassette was difficult. One of the cassettes broke in at least 4 places, a few minutes of tape were destroyed and lost forever.I did my best to cross fade and disguise the broken areas. What remains sounds very nice and my hope is that Pat Metheny fans will enjoy this recording.

Since I am not familiar with the music played here I could use some help with the setlist. There appear to be several untitled tracks and a few that run together without applause breaks. I may have missed a few track markers.