PatMetheny1990-10-04.akg451.ssb.Northampton, MA info

Pat Metheny Trio
10/04/90 Early Show.
Northampton Academy of Music, Northampton, MA

Source: AKG 451/CK1 Cardioids> B-18 Power Supplies> Panasonic SV255 DAT deck, 1st row loge center mic's recorded by sideshowbob.
transfer Panasonic SV3700>sp dif cable>CDR. by sideshow bob
torrent: eac>audacity>tlh taperchuck/cosmicchucky july 2016.

disc 1
01 Turn Around (O. Coleman)
02 I'll Take Romance (O. Hammerstein & B. Oakland)
03 Law Years (O. Coleman)
04 How Insensitive (A.C. Jobim & V. De Moares)
05 Farmer's Trust (P. Metheny)
06 Old Folks (D.L. Hill & W. Robison)
07 applause

disc 2
1. The Calling (P. Metheny)
2. Question and Answer (P. Metheny)
3. ???

Pat Metheny - guitar,
Pat Holland - bass;
Roy Haynes - drums.

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