Pat Metheny
Count Basie Theater
Red Bank, NJ

Source: FOB (10th row center, 3rd set from left aisle) Core Sound Binaurals > D8 via Scott Clayton
Transfer: Fostex D-15 > Behringer Ultramatch 2496 > Reaper 6.19 > WAV 16/48
Master: Wavelab 10 (levels, tracking, glitch repair) > FLAC 1648

01. intro
02. Into The Dream
03. Have You Heard
04. Story Within A Story
05. Follow Me
06. How Insensitive
07. James
08. First Circle
09. band intros
10. Imaginary Day
11. Heat Of The Day
12. Across The Sky
13. The Roots of Coincidence
14. Third Wind
15. Are You Going With Me
16. Message To A Friend
17. September the 15th
18. banter
19. Minuano
20. crowd
21. Song for Bilbao
22. Third Wind (reprise)

Pat Metheny - Guitars
Lyle Mays - Keyboards
Steve Rodby - Bass
Paul Wertico - Drums
Mark Ledford - Vocals, Misc. Instruments
Philip Hamilton - Vocals, Misc. Instruments
Jeff Haynes - Percussion

A nice recorded marred here and there by too-high levels. Aside from the very beginning, it's mostly the applause-too-loud problem. Occasionaly, some instrument gets over-amplified, but those moments are brief. And, aside from the very beginning, the music isn't disorted or broken up. It's just ... too loud. And then, in the middle of Imaginary Day, the taper brings the levels down a lot, and it's better. To deal with this, the applause and and occasional blasts from the keyboards (or whatever) were tamed, and the taper's level adjustments smoothed out.

For a stealth recording, this is still pretty darn good. Just don't fall asleep to Heat Of The Day with headphones on.


--mhg :: 2021-01-27