A Robert Collins Master Recording.

Artist: Pat Metheny Trio
Date: February 22, 2008, Late Show
Location: Yoshi's, San Francisco, CA (USA)
Seats: Table 50 (or somewhere nearby)
Deck: Korg MR1000 (5.6 Mhz, 1-bit Recording)
Mics: Neumann KM-140
Source: A:D Master Tape; Stereo
Sample Rate: 44.1Khz, 16-bit (FLAC)
Rating: A+
Length: 97 Minutes

Pat Metheny Guitars and stringed instruments
Christian McBride Bass
Antonio Sanchez Drums

This recording has more than 50 decibels of dynamic range. The audience was incredibly well-behaved during this
concert. During the softest passages, you could have probably heard a pin drop; it was really that soft. With
any recording encompassing such wide dynamic range, setting the levels correctly to ensure proper recording of
soft and loud passages can be very difficult. I believe I managed to capture this entire dynamic range, and I
want to pass that same experience on to future listeners. Thus, to ensure that this recording is reproduced
with all of this dynamic range, this music has not been compressed or the volume altered in any way before
rendering to CD and DVD-Audio.

AUD> Korg MR1000 (5.6 Mhz, 1-bit master tape)
---> Down sample to 96Khz, 24-bit using Korg Audiogate
---> Sound Forge
---> Down sample to 44.1 Khz, 16-bit
---> CD Architect
---> EAC
---> FLAC

Sound Samples:
Sample-1 (Solo Acoustic): Song For the Boys

Sample-2 (Trio Acoustic): Calvin's Keys

Sample-3 (Trio Electric): Backarm and Blackcharge

Song list:
Name Start End Length
-------------------------- ------------ ------------ -------------
Improvisational Beginnings 00:00:00.000 00:03:51.169 00:03:51.169
Song For the Boys 00:03:51.169 00:08:35.242 00:04:44.073
How Insensitive 00:08:53.526 00:15:44.511 00:06:50.985
The Sound of Water 00:16:03.069 00:20:07.722 00:04:04.653
So May It Secretly Begin 00:20:07.722 00:26:22.037 00:06:14.314
Day Trip 00:26:37.439 00:36:48.554 00:10:11.114
Unity Village 00:37:15.517 00:44:10.392 00:06:54.874

Name Start End Length
-------------------------- ------------ ------------ -------------
Calvin's Keys 00:00:00.000 00:11:26.822 00:11:26.822
The Bat 00:11:47.967 00:20:40.618 00:08:52.650
Band Introductions 00:20:54.826 00:26:31.604 00:05:36.777
When We Were Free 00:26:31.604 00:43:52.661 00:17:21.056
__Applause__ 00:43:52.661 00:46:29.057 00:02:36.395
Backarm and Blackcharge 00:46:29.057 00:53:40.680 00:07:11.623

MD5 Fingerprints:
ca3c8b629bd3065c37468c6ed4efc8bd *1.01 Improvisational Beginnings.flac
3b6d221f5a7a81bffec21c7d9b6b05d8 *1.02 Song For the Boys.flac
77d62b71563527a23332f84e942dd8d3 *1.03 How Insensitive.flac
7dcf7f6d51a28605dc23b58efb852cc8 *1.04 The Sound of Water.flac
0f80ebbb8b40053cbb392ecb979d8b6a *1.05 So May It Secretly Begin.flac
c7124770e3ef038ebe5a3812c2a27e50 *1.06 Day Trip.flac
adb3808601f73309d013a7497d6fbf33 *1.07 Unity Village.flac

c0897fc7458415c46e0eb15d5dc5a6c2 *2.01 Calvin's Keys.flac
b3f7ec0b6a60e480df0afb721c02e399 *2.02 The Bat.flac
832508171ac882b377cdeccd4e6fbc4b *2.03 Band Introductions.flac
4902ccfba824349579a48aeb3d156db9 *2.04 When We Were Free.flac
13358956d8ef44c998379562fdd4502d *2.05 __Applause__.flac
c05775ea33c3964ff9db46a2d268e4ce *2.06 Backarm and Blackcharge.flac