LDB Master Series #321

Out of my 7,000+ shows and radio broadcasts, I have many concerts that were special for some reasons: the setlist, the
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Gardone Riviera, Anfiteatro del Vittoriale
July 17, 2012

01 Introduction / The Sound Of Water
02 Come And See
03 Roofdogs
04 New Year
05 Band Introduction / This Belongs To You
06 Police People
07 Two Folk Songs (First)
08 Signals (Orchestrion Sketch)
09 All The Things You Are
10 Turnaround
11 (Go) Get It
12 Breakdealer
13 Are You Going With Me?

TT 123:01

Lineage: CA-14 (omnis) > Edirol R-09 > HD (via USB) > Sony SoundForge 7.0 > CD Wave (FLAC plugin - level 6)

Pat Metheny - acoustic and electric guitar
Ben Williams - bass
Chris Potter - saxophones, flute
Antonio Sanchez - drums

The gig was indeed very good and the overall environment fabulous. The amphitheater was on the top of a hill with the Garda
Lake in the background. It was a nice summer evening, the venue almost sold-out and the audience enthusiastic, as it is very
often the case in Italy. The sound was excellent and the atmosphere very intimate. You can hear that in my recording. I am
a little annoyed in this moment because my CA-9100 is broken and I am forced to connect the CA-14 directly to the R-09 which
sometimes can bother when the music is too loud. Fortunately that was not the case that evening since the volume was nice and
gentle. Overall, a nice listening experience.

Talking about the line-up: I have always loved Chris Potter and I thought his addition to the band was very successful. Such a
talented musician fits very well into what is a Pat Metheny Trio. Ben Williams performed well, maybe a bit in the shadow, but
he was very effective. On the opposite I have some difficulties to understand the role of Antonio sanchez. His drumming is way
too strong and fast to play in a delicate environment such as trio + reeds. If in PMG environment his powerful drumming is
fitting very well, in smaller bands I find it completely out of context and honestly disturbing. I had the feeling he was
"killing" the whole music.