Pat Metheny
The Beacon Theater
New York, NY

Pat Metheny- electric and acoustic guitars, guitar synth
Gwilym Simcock- Piano, synth
Linda May Han Oh- acoustic and electric bass
Antonio Sanchez-drums

Source-Source-audience capture on Roland Edirol R-05 16 Bit, 44.1 WAV files (internal mics)> WAV files split and minor EQ tweaks in Audacity> WAV to Flac conversion TLH> Torrent creation in TLH> DIME

01 Pikasso
02 So It May Secretly Begin
03 Have You Heard
04 ?
05 James
07 ?
08 ?
09 ?
10 ?
11 ?
12 PM speaks/Intros
13 ?
14 ?
15 ?
16 PM/LMHO duet ?
17 PM/GS duet- Phase Dance
18 PM/AS duet- Question and Answer
19 Encore Applause
20 PM solo Acoustic Medley 1
21 Encore Applause 2
22 Song for Bilbao
23 Encore Applause 3
24 PM solo Acoustic Medley 2 (Last Train Home/This is Not America)
25 Are You Going With Me

This was a long show and overall enjoyable performance from Metheny and this quartet. Tour seems to still largely be a retrospective of Pat's 70's through early 90's material. Not sure about all titles of tunes played. This might mirror the setlist from other recent show, but I'm not 100% sure, so I'll be happy for any help with the titles I didn't identify.
I particularly liked Simcock on piano. I know he's a great player from his own albums and his work with The Impossible Gentlemen and Tim Garland. I think he did Pat's music proud.
Some problems with the recording come from the "boomy Beacon". I did very modest EQ'in Audacity to help this a little. There is also some talking that is pretty noticeable in spots. There was an either crazy or intoxicated guy a few rows back that gave some loud enough commentary on the show to get a couple of visits from the venue security before he was escorted out about 75% through the show.Some patrons can be heard telling him to shut up or commenting about him. Finally, there's some "name that tune" and concertgoer curiousity about a baseball game being played simultaneously to the concert.
These are the warts that I want potential downloaders to be aware of. They fortunately will usually not be heard during songs, but moreso in between them. Overall, it's as good of a recording with this equipment that I could expect from a show of this length in a venue like the Beacon. Recording location was about 15 feet to the right of the soundboard and about 1 row behind it.
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