LDB Master Series #418

Welcome to my Master Series which started way back in November 2005. This series is only about masters, concerts I
recorded myself either from audience or from radio/TV broadcasts. Occasionally I could also share masters that have
been kindly given to me by many friends and fellow tapers I have been meeting during my long career of live taping.

I have stopped seeding my masters after volume 400 about three years ago and since then I have shared just a few,
mostly to address requests from friends. I have not stopped recording shows, though, so there is quite an impressive
amount of files from my recordings that are yet uncirculated.

I have taken the liberty to look at those uncirculated masters and selected ten which I thought were special for some
reasons. They will be seeded over here. Hope you will enjoy them!

Arona, Rocca Borromea
July 25, 2018

01.Pikasso guitar / Into the Dream
02.So May It Secretly Begin
03.Bright Size Life
05.Third Wind (including drum solo)
06.Always And Forever
07.James (including drum solo)
08.Better Days Ahead
09.Slip Away
10.The Red One
11.Acoustic solo guitar / Farmer's Trust
12.Untitled (Quartet)
13.Change of Heart (Pat & Linda duet)
14.Phase dance (Pat & Gwilym duet)
15.Question & Answer (Pat & Antonio duet)
16.Acoustic Guitar solo (Medley): Minuano (Six Eight) / September Fifteenth / This Is Not America / Last Train Home
17.Song For Bilbao

TT 143:41

Antonio Sanchez - drums
Linda May Han Oh - acoustic & electric bass
Pat Metheny - guitar
Gwilym Simcock - keyboards, piano

Lineage: CA-14 (omnis) > CA-9100 > Zoom H4n (24bit/48kHz) > HD > SoundForge 10.0 Pro > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

The show was in the beautiful setting of Arona, above Lake Maggiore. It was basically a big garden where people would be
sitting in front of the stage. And beyond the stage you would see the lake. Only in Italy you can find such beautiful
places to listen to music.

Soundwise it was ok although the music was played way too low volume so this recording is not at the usual quality standard
you would expect from my masters. It is highly enjoyable, though.

I dedicate this recording to the great Roy Hargrove who passed just yesterday. Too old to rock & roll, too young to die...