Pat Metheny "Bright Size Life" Trio, LIVE!

Remastered Edition: August 5, 2007


Pat Metheny/G
Jaco Pastorius/B
Bob Moses/D

Track Listing:

01 - Round Trip > Broadway Blues (Coleman) (08:12.824)
02 - Bright Size Life (Metheny) (06:27.453)
03 - Unity Vilage (Metheny) (05:36.476)
04 - All The Things You Are (Kern) (11:22.447)
05 - Portrait of Tracy > Continuum (Pastorius) (10:33.800)
06 - Omaha Celebration (Metheny) (08.11.770)
7 - All Is You (???) (13.24)

Tracks 1-5: June 16, 1976, Jazz Workshop, Boston MA
Tracks 6-7: July 4, 1975, Pooh's Pub, Boston MA

Remaster Attempt By: JMZ93


1. There was practically no musical information present above 6K, not even cymbals, so I could apply some pretty drastic EQ cutting to reduce the several generations of tape hiss.

2. Slight EQ applied to left channel only, to boost Jaco's fundamentals a bit. (anything below 120HZ)

3. Corrected pitch which was approximately 60 cents (60/100 of a semitone) sharp for tracks 6, 1-5 were about 20 scents sharp. Also swapped channels of track 6 so sound sources are now in the same relative locations as track 7. Removed, one at a time, about a thousand little clicks/pops on Pat's side for tracks 6-7.

4. Increased pitch of track 7 approximately 10 scents to bring it closer to standard tuning (A4=440HZ). I would love to have more highs in track 7, but there is almost nothing there to work with, probably lost over time due to all the cassette copying.

5. Trimmed leading and ending tape hiss and noted new track times in .txt file.

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