Pat Metheny Group
Pat Metheny: 6 and 12 string electric guitars
Lyle Mays: piano
Mark Egan: bass
Dan Gottlieb: drums

The Loft
Portland, Maine, U.S.A.
August 3, 1977
FM broadcast
runtime: 89:10 (minutes/seconds)

1: phase dance (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays) 9:20
2: April joy (Pat Metheny) 6:50
3: band introductions 1:19
4: unity village (Pat Metheny) >
Missouri uncompromised (Pat Metheny) 16:37
5: San Lorenzo (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays) 9:15
6: bright size life (Pat Metheny) 6:55
7: midwestern night's dream (Pat Metheny) 8:10
8: Jaco (Pat Metheny) 7:57
9: lone jack (Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays) 7:51
10: watercolors (Pat Metheny) 5:53
11: Bag's groove (Milt Jackson) 9:00
live FM broadcast, unknown tape/reciever/recorder > ? >
Maxell XLII 90 min. cassette tape (trade) >
played on Tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
a this and that, pitter- Patter production.
from the great state of Maine.
do not sell this recording.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
this version of phase dance is introduced by Pat as
a new tune Lyle and he just wrote called face dancer,
after they finish it.

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