Pat Metheny Group 1978 03 09 Epalinges, Switzerland FM

Although I attended this concert in 1978, I recorded it by chance on the radio during the 80's (around 1985-86, I think).

It was recorded on a used cassette, but the sound is still pretty decent. There's a blank spot in track 7, because of a tape flip.

So here is a fresh copy of my master cassette. First time on Dime and first time shared anywhere. Enjoy!

Pat Metheny
Lyle Mays
Dan Gotlieb
Mark Egan


01 - Phase Dance (Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays)
02 - April Joy (Pat Metheny)
03 - San Lorenzo (Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays)
04 - Wrong Is Right (Larry Coryell)
05 - Watercolors (Pat Metheny)
06 - Jaco (Pat Metheny)
07 - Midwestern Nights Dream (Pat Metheny)
08 - Lone Jack (Pat Metheny/Lyle Mays)

TT 59:27

Original recording: Radio Suisse Romande
This Broadcast: (Swiss Radio) Couleur 3
FM Radio > Maxell type I Cassette > Edirol R-09HR -> Copied from the SD card on a Mac > Edited and normalized with Peak on a Mac > Flac level 8 with Toast >

goody: dBpowerAMP (WAV) > Nero (transpose +44 cents) > TLH (FLAC, sigs)

::: AR ::: 2008 07 12

Pitch was approx. 44 cents flat. Corrected and FLACed - goody 8/11/08