A Night on Boston Common (part II)
with the
Pat Metheny Group
Pat Metheny- 6 and 12 string guitars
Lyle Mays- piano
Steve Rodby- bass
Nana Vasconcelos- percussion
Dan Gottlieb- drums
Boston Common
Boston, Mass. U.S.A.
July 12, 1982
(Miles Davis opened! His set is available in a seperate torrent)
performance quality: B+
recording quality: B to B+
source: master audience tape
runtime: 1:13:41
note: some of these track titles were taken from a setlist of their
concert of 2 days later which I believe had an identical setlist
to this show.
disc 1: 63:37
1: phase dance
2: broadway blues
3: James
4: song introductions > offramp
5: it's for you
6: are you going with me? (cuts in, tape flip)
7: the bat part II > solo berimbeau
8: ozark
disc 2: 50:04
9: K.C. blues
10: close to home
11: Jaco
12: band introductions
13: song for Bilbao
14: (cross the) heartland
15: encore: American garage
lineage: Sony 310 cassette deck
(built in mikes, auto-levelling) >
Maxell XLI 90 min. master cassettes >
soundforge 4.5 (WAV) >
FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
The full headliner set (Miles Davis opened) for PMG except 2 quick tape flip cuts.
Recorded close up to the stage, 8 rows back right side of center and holding the deck
up in the air for minimal mike obstruction. I came home with a very sore arm, but a
pretty good recording. Not sure which tour this was, I think it was the "offramp"
material being featured here. There is moderately loud clapping between and during
some songs (Pat Metheny's group was very popular here by 1982), it was a full house
and an inspired concert (Boston had become PMG's adopted hometown during the late 70's).
I've had several people ask me for some live Pat Metheny many years ago, before upload days,
and I haven't seen much from before circa 87 or so on the dime (a couple of nice ones with
Hancock/Carter/ DeJohnette 4 from 1990). I have a few that may not be circulated yet on the
dime, and this is one of 2 aud masters I have to offer of the PMG. They played alot in Boston
from 77- around this time. I saw them as an opener a few times, one of those masters survived
and is ready for post if not already posted. This was the only time I saw them as the headline
band, and unlike a few other "A night at..." torrents I've posted or will be, this one is
being posted seperately because the Miles Davis part was prepared long ago, and because some prefer
seperate torrents for seperate sets which makes for faster DL's. I really thought
the lineup of this concert was in reverse order, but in 1982 Miles was not in any shape to play
a 2 hour concert (apparently, anyway), and Pat Metheny was. The Miles concert was quite good
as was this one, the 310 deck doesn't have real high fidelity, but pretty good for an
auto-levelling, built-in-mikes deck. It is a close up recording, a bit heavier on the left side,
levels have been balanced out and some ICPVR applied (individual clap peak volume reduction.)
It could use more, still very clappy in a few parts but it's not quite as loud now, and a first
time master seed from the glasnostrd19 archive, no longer just a myth, or a distant memory, but
Metheny you can hear again with nothing between you and it except a flac and WAV conversion from
analog master tape, and a post. (Not the kind found at Paradise club, either!)
do not sell this recording.
copyright laws are not a myth
(even with Metheny ROIO's)
Trade freely and losslessly.