Pat Metheny Group 1987-02-28 Palace Theatre, New Haven, CT, USA Audience Master

Pat Metheny Group
28 February 1987
Palace Theatre, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Master Audience Recording

This is the final night of a brief tour that the Pat Metheny Group did to warm up before going into the studio to record the "STILL life (talking)" album. If Pat is to be believed when speaking on stage, the group headed into the Studio the very next day after this gig. Notice that on "Last Train Home" Lyle adds a few subtle (and not so subtle) train/railroad sounds that I didn't hear him use on other nights (nor on the album version).

Of the three shows I recorded from this tour, this one overall sounds the best to my ears. Unfortunatley I tripped up and missed the very beginning of "Are You Going With Me?" (sorry), but in general it sounds rather good as I was third row center. I know that this show has appeared on DIME before, but without traceable lineage. I did trade mine on cassette a few times back in the late 80's/early 90's, so I suppose it's possible that my copy is floating around out there, but rest assured that this one is taken directly from my original Master Cassettes.

Here is the setlist:

1) Forward March (4:27)
2) Phase Dance (7:55)
3) Naked Moon (5:26)
4) Tell It All (9:54)
5) Last Train Home (5:01)
6) Daulton Lee (5:54)
7) The First Circle (11:05)
8) Scrap Metal (8:54)
9) Farmer's Trust / So May It Secretly Begin (15:25)
10) Straight On Red (9:57)
11) Are You Going With Me? (9:22)
12) The Fields, The Sky (8:51)
13) Look Ahead (6:00)
14) (It's Just) Talk (8:21)
15) Letter From Home / Indulgent Lyle Mays Piece (16:20)
16) Chris / Band Intro (7:11)
17) Minuano (Six Eight) (10:08)
18) Third Wind (9:08)

And the personel:

Pat Metheny
Lyle Mays
Paul Wertico
Steve Rodby
Armando Marçal
Mark Ledford (God Bless Him.)
David Blamires

A yellow Sony walkman with a Sony ECM-929 on to two Maxell XLII-S 90min cassettes> Pioneer CT-W53OR> Audacity 1.2.6> wave> FLACFrontend> flac

This is a genuine Digital_Man Master - Feel free to redistribute, but not in lossy formats, thanks! (Don't sell it.)