Pat Metheny Group 1987-12-04 Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Audience Master

Pat Metheny Group
4 December 1987
Syria Mosque
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Master Audience Recording

The circumstances under which I attended this gig where quite trying for me. The long story involves a vindictive ex-girlfriend, transportation falling through, and ultimately, attending this gig with a group of people whom I didn't know well at all. Consequently, there's some very distracting talking on the recording that truly were beyond my control. I was lucky to even be able to get to the gig. Yet somehow, though We were all seated up in the balcony, other parts of the recording sound very good - a real testament to the acoustics inside the Syria Mosque.

The Syria Mosque was a great venue. Not as intimate as some of the smaller theatres where I've recorded Pat Metheny, but smaller (and with better acoustics) than Radio City Music Hall. Constructed in 1912, the Syria Mosque was torn down in 1991. These days, there's a parking lot where it was. Maybe we can all consider this particular recording a little tribute to the Syria Mosque (and of course to the late Mark Ledford).

I'm almost completely sure that I never traded this recording with anyone back in my tape trading days, so I think you can consider it completely uncirculated.

Look for samples in the comments.

The setlist is as follows:

1) Forward March (4:03)
2) Phase Dance (8:06)
3) Change Of Heart (6:42)
4) Blues For Pat (8:11)
5) Tell It All (8:50)
6) Last Train Home (5:10)
7) First Circle / Band Intro (11:42)
8) Scrap Metal (7:43)
9) If I Could (7:09)
10) So May It Secretly Begin (7:59)
11) Straight On Red (8:46)
12) Are You Going With Me? (9:30)
13) The Fields, The Sky (6:49)
14) (It's Just) Talk (8:30)
15) Letter From Home (2:34)
16) Indulgent Lyle Mays Piece (9:26)
17) Chris (3:31)
18) Minuano (Six Eight) (10:36)
19) Third Wind (8:55)

The lineup was:

Pat Metheny
Lyle Mays
Paul Wertico
Steve Rodby
Armando Marçal
Mark Ledford (God Rest His Soul.)
David Blamires

A yellow Sony walkman with a Sony ECM-929 on to two Denon HD6 90min cassettes> Pioneer CT-W53OR> Audacity 1.2.6> wave> FLACFrontend> flac

This is a genuine Digital_Man Master - Feel free to redistribute, but not in lossy formats, thanks! (Don't sell it. Please.)