Pat Metheny Group

DOC Studio 1 - RAI TV - Rome, Italy.

March 07, 08 and 09, 1988.

source: fm broadcast

lineage: Master cassette > Nakamichi > amplifiers > tascam audio cdrw750 > cd > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac16.
number of discs: 1
artwork: yes
total running time: 44min39sec


01 [march 7] are you going with me? (pat metheny/lyle mays) 8:42
02 [march 7] minuano (six eight) (pat metheny/lyle mays) 9:22
03 [march 8] last train home (pat metheny) 5:22
04 [march 9] band introductions > (it's just) talk (pat metheny) 9:16
05 [march 9] interview 2:13
06 [march 9] third wind (pat metheny/lyle mays) 9:43

band line-up:

patrick bruce metheny: guitars, g-synth, electric sitar
lyle mays: piano, synthesizers
steve rodby: electric bass, acoustic bass
paul wertico: drums, percussion
david blamires: vocals, guitars, percussion, marimba
mark ledford: vocals, guitars, percussion, marimba
armando marçal: percussion


recorded, transferred & uploaded to DIME by fabio(38f) on december, 2007.
artwork by errr... me.

and thanks so much to:

fabio(f38), for his kindness, friendship, some wonderful gigs and for allowing me to reseed it. grazie mille!

DIME & DIMErs friends, for almost two years of such a great time!

play it loud & enjoy!

gisele [i]pat junkie[/i] gillan