Pat Metheny Group 1989-02-03 Tilles Center, CW Post Long Island University, Brookville, NY Audience Master

Pat Metheny Group
3 February 1989
Tilles Center, Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus,
Brookville, New York, USA

Master Audience Recording

This is the last Pat Metheny concert I ever attended, and the last of my Pat Metheny Masters. With this one, they've now all been posted here on DIME.

In some ways, I've saved the best for last. This show was from a brief "warm up" tour before they went into the studios to record "Letter From Home." I don't know if it's where I was sitting, but the acoustics in the Tilles Center sound better than many of the other venues where I saw Pat. Still, this recording is not without it's faults: somehow, I cut of the very beginning AND end of "Are You Going with Me?" and I can't imagine why.

I can't remember if I ever traded this or not, but rest assured, this one is coming from my original Master cassettes.

It sounds like Pat introduces the band at least three times on this night?!

Look for samples in the comments.

The setlist is as follows:

1) Have You Heard (8:35)
2) Every Summer Night (7:20)
3) Change Of Heart (7:14)
4) Better Days Ahead (5:11)
5) Blues For Pat (7:54)
6) Letter From Home (5:08)
7) The First Circle (11:17)
8) Scrap Metal (7:10)
9) Spring Ain't Here (10:23)
10) The Road To You (6:26)
11) Straight On Red (9:01)
12) Are You Going With Me? (cut) (8:28)
13) The Fields, The Sky (7:00)
14) Are We There Yet (12:13)
15) (It's Just) Talk (8:29)
16) Letter From Home (2:33)
17) Indulgent Lyle Mays Piece / Vidala (7:53)
18) Beat 70 (7:13)
19) Minuano (Six Eight) (9:50)
20) Third Wind (9:30)

The lineup was:

Pat Metheny
Lyle Mays
Paul Wertico
Steve Rodby
Armando Marçal
Pedro Aznar

A yellow Sony walkman with a Sony ECM-929 on to two Maxell XLII-S 90min cassettes> Pioneer CT-W53OR> Audacity 1.2.6> wave> FLACFrontend> flac

This is a genuine Digital_Man Master - Feel free to redistribute, but not in lossy formats, thanks! (Be kind, don't sell it.)