<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#aaaaaa">Pat Metheny Group <br> <br>Sportczarnok <br>Budapest, Hungary <br>June 24, 1991 <br> <br>Soundboard (A+) <br>SBD > ?? > FLAC from trade, verified with Trader's Little Helper. <br> <br> <br>Pat Metheny - guitars, guitar synthesizer, electric sitar <br>Lyle Mays - piano, synthesizers, autoharp, trumpet, percussion <br>Steve Rodby - acoustic bass, electric bass <br>Paul Wertico - drums, percussion <br>Armando Marcal - percussion, vocals <br>Pedro Aznar - vocals, guitar, percussion, vibraphone, marimba, glockenspiel, tenor saxophone, melodica <br> <br> <br>Disc 1 (47:11) <br>01. Forward March (Metheny) 4:34 <br>02. Phase Dance (Metheny/Mays) 7:42 <br>03. Have You Heard (Metheny) 6:29 <br>04. Travels (Metheny/Mays) 6:33 <br>05. Tell It All (Metheny/Mays) 9:38 <br>06. Turnaround (Ornette Coleman) 6:35 <br>07. Better Days Ahead (Metheny) 5:40 <br> <br>Disc 2 (48:52) <br>01. Last Train Home (Metheny) 5:30 <br>02. First Circle (Metheny/Mays) 9:05 <br>03. (band introduction, remarks) 2:35 <br>04. Scrap Metal (Metheny) 8:17 <br>05. Farmer's Trust (Metheny) 8:13 <br>06. Spring Ain't Here (Metheny) 7:19 <br>07. Straight On Red (Metheny/Mays) 7:54 <br> <br>Disc 3 (72:24) <br>01. Are You Going With Me ? (Metheny/Mays) 10:23 <br>02. The Fields, The Sky (Metheny) 10:48 <br>03. Half Life Of Absolution (Metheny/Mays) 17:23 <br>04. Beat 70 (Metheny/Mays) 5:05 <br>05. Letter From Home (Metheny) 2:22 <br>06. (remarks, band introduction) 2:18 <br>07. Minuano (Six-Eight) (Metheny/Mays) / (applause) 13:40 <br>Encore: <br>08. Third Wind (Metheny/Mays) 10:25